NFL Network suspends 3 on sexual harassment allegations


She said that both Taylor and Weinberger sent her inappropriate pictures, with Taylor additionally sending her a video of him masturbating in the shower.

NFL Network has suspended Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor and Heath Evans while investigating claims of sexual harassment made against the on-air talent detailed in a lawsuit filed by a former employee.

A former NFL Network employee has come forward claiming that she'd been sexually harassed by a former network executive and several former players who are either current or former NFL Network employees, according to a report from Bloomberg sports business reporters Scott Soshnick and Jordyn Holman. Neither of those men works at NFL Network now.

Alex Riethmiller, a spokesman for the NFL Network, said Faulk, Taylor and Evans have been suspended from their duties pending an investigation into the allegations.

Cantor said in the complaint that she informed Marc Watts, who coordinates talent for the National Football League, of the alleged advances, but that he said it's "part of the job when you look the way you do". She mentioned sexual harassment by multiple individuals, but no names were reported. Representatives for the accused did not immediately respond to Bloomberg's requests for comments.

Cantor first filed her case in October, claiming wrongful termination. Laura Horton, a lawyer for Cantor, said by phone "it's outrageous conduct and I fully intend to hold the NFL Network responsible". Weinberger, now the president of Bill Simmons Media Group, allegedly sent Cantor nude photos, graphic texts and told Canton she was "put on earth to pleasure me". Cantor also alleges that the network did not reimburse her for expenses, and failed to pay her adequately for the hours she worked. She was terminated in October 2016. The lawsuit originated in California Superior Court.