Netflix Defends 'Creepy' Tweet About 'A Christmas Prince'


Ever since Netflix dropped its original movie A Christmas Prince last month, festive-obsessed viewers swiftly added it to their annual must-watch list.

Netflix is under-fire for binge-shaming 53 viewers of the Rose McIver-starring A Christmas Prince.

While the tweet was clearly intended as a joke, it didn't sit well with some customers who found the message "creepy". "Is it in your Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy that you will collect and analyze viewing habits so that you can mock people via social media?"

Another user said the tweet was incredible, "except for the "watching us like big brother" part". Netflix, after all, produced and promoted the movie, which is in the vein of an uplifting, unapologetically cheery Hallmark film. Maybe it's not about hurting, Netflix.

Netflix's statement, however, confirms that the stats are in fact real, and that 53 customers did indeed play the film on 18 consecutive days in November and December. Netflix didn't immediately respond to a request for comment on the reaction to the tweet, which has been retweeted about 66,000 times and liked 259,000 times and has drawn 4,000 replies.

On Tuesday, the streaming company defended a tweet that was criticized for being "creepy".

"Suddenly I am very concerned about what @netflix thinks of our Teen Titans Go viewing habits", one person tweeted. Netflix's first foray into the genre, A Christmas Prince, made headlines this week when the streaming service's official Twitter account roasted over-eager fans of the flick, and on Friday, the company will release its second original Christmas movie.

Hayley Tsukayama wrote this story, (c) 2017 The Washington Post.