Toddler steals baby Jesus in hilarious nativity play mishap


Chaos erupted at a preschool Nativity play Sunday when Mary put a sheep in a headlock and wrestled baby Jesus with cameras rolling.

It's evident what she means in a video she posted of the 2-year-old participating in a nativity pageant at their church. The toddler, who has been singing the songs and talking about Baby Jesus in the vehicle for weeks according to her mom, was determined to get her hands on the doll in the crèche.

While the children's choir sang "Away In A Manger" the scene began to unravel.

- Teegan Benson's mom, Tana says her baby girl keeps her on her toes.

When the women asked little Collia what happened on stage at First Baptist White Pine Church, she told them: "Teegan jacked the baby Jesus, I had to jack him back".

However, the child playing Mary was not pleased.

"Definitely a program I will remember", Benson wrote on Facebook. LOVE these kiddos and my church family! Momma to the rescue tried her best to protect her baby at all costs.

Benson said her little sheep, named Teegan, is just passionate.

"Teegan loves being the center of attention, so the more people laughed, the more excited she was to show her stuff", her mom explained. "We weren't supposed to touch the baby Jesus!'" "I'm really glad that a video like this can bring some light into the season", she said.