Google X Development Center Is Going To Establish in Visakhapatnam


Google X will deploy a team to Andhra Pradesh to work on the rollout. And because there's no cable, this means there's none of the time, cost, and hassle involved in digging trenches or stringing cable along poles.

"These FSOC links will form part of the high-bandwidth backbone of their network, giving them a cost effective way to connect rural and remote areas across the state", Baris Erkmen, the FSOC Lead at X, wrote in a blog post on Thursday, Dec. 14.

Google X is preparing to set up its Development Centre in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, to bring in high-speed internet and broadband connections to about 12 million households and 1,30,000 enterprises (government and private) in the state by March 2019.

Alphabet X will provide two thousand FSOC links, technology that is an offshoot of its Project Loon initiative, to the state. FSOC boxes can simply be placed kilometres apart on roofs or towers, with the signal beamed directly between the boxes to easily traverse common obstacles like rivers, roads and railways.

"We're delighted to be partnering with APFiberNet on this promising innovation that could overcome some of the longstanding challenges of getting high speed internet too hard to reach areas, and looking forward to helping them make the benefits of the web more accessible to more people in Andhra Pradesh", said Teller. The Google project is aimed at "critical gaps to major access points, like cell-towers and WiFi hotspots, that support thousands of people", Google said.

Alphabet, which owns Google, and other online service providers view increasing internet accessibility in developing countries as crucial to maintaining their fast-growing businesses.

FSFC is an optical communication technology that uses light to wirelessly transmit data to telecommunication and internet applications. But the technology has not taken off because poor weather or misalignment between the boxes can weaken the connection. X engineers and experts on site will work together with APFSL personnel identifying and selecting suitable sites for deployment of the FSOC links.