How to watch Alabama's special election


The RNC had pulled support from Moore after the allegations surfaced against him last month. That prompted a reporter to wonder how much of an agenda they shared. Her answer just about summarizes the nihilism of Trump's Washington, where, when questioned whether the President would ban a religious group from Capitol Hill, his spokeswoman won't say for sure without checking. Typically, Alabama is a state red enough to swing an election even if a lot of people stay home, but the Alabama Secretary of State's office has already downgraded its turnout forecast from 25 percent to 20 percent, citing "exhaustion" with the race.

Emerson polling released a tweet indicating that it was Donald Trump's public endorsement that likely caused Moore's bump in the polls.

January 20, 2017: Trump is inaugurated as president.

It would be inaccurate, though, to say that the President has acted alone, or without the coöperation of his party.

Behind the scenes, GOP senators have been discussing their options on how to handle Moore, and the consensus is to pursue the matter with the Senate Ethics Committee, which could recommend his expulsion to the full Senate. The Moore campaign doesn't need hostile "lib" media, when the wife and surrogates say such things! CBSN will have live coverage of Tuesday's special Senate election in Alabama. "It's really up to them".

A Gravis Marketing poll finds Moore has 49 percent support in the Alabama Senate race, while 45 percent back Jones.

McConnell's acquiescence is all the more striking since he has become a useful symbol of the Party establishment that Moore professes to oppose. "I did not know them", Moore told the show's host, Bill Britt.

A person familiar with the campaign said Monday that Obama had recorded a message in support of Democrat Doug Jones.

Meanwhile, Jones is a traditional Democrat.

"Fake news will tell you that we don't care for Jews", Kayla said, as her husband stood grinning behind her.

Roy Moore has made attempts to change his story from when he first spoke to Sean Hannity.

Ahead of a key election in the state of Alabama, Kayla Moore took the stage at a campaign rally in Midland City and in her speech attempted to shut down accusations of anti-Semitism that was plaguing the couple in the recent senatorial race.

September 22: Trump campaigns for unusual but tells the crowd, "I'll be honest, I might have made a mistake". What would they tolerate in order to secure the fifty-first vote? The Republicans have a fifty-two-seat majority, meaning that Moore's presence would be helpful but, in terms of control of the chamber, not decisive. Robert Mueller may be interested in the answer.