Man City must be cautious of ruthless…


Sterling was a frequent target of media criticism leading up to his 2015 move from Liverpool to Manchester City.

The newspaper says Sterling was confronted by a man after pulling into the club carpark, to begin preparations to play Spurs.

And Sterling's given plenty of knockout blows this season having scored five match-winning goals for Pep Guardiola's side, but how did he get on against Foden with the gloves on?

According to Ducker, a man was waiting for Sterling when he pulled into Man City's training base to get ready for Saturday's contest.

When Sterling go out of his auto to ask the man what was wrong, he was kicked in the leg by the assailant.

Sterling was physically unharmed in the alleged attack and went on to score two late goals in City's rout of Spurs.

The report noted that it was not clear whether the team made a decision to report the incident to the police, but the attack was presumably recorded by CCTV. He leads a red-hot City squad in scoring and has been one of the most important players behind the team's record-breaking Premier League unbeaten run of 16 games.