Newspaper: Trump 'not fit to clean toilets' at Obama…


She has cursed freely in public, a recurring tic in her career - registering more recently as a brashness to match Trump.

"A president who would all but call Sen".

Gillibrand was the first in her caucus to say that Senator Al Franken, a Minnesota Democrat, should resign.

And in the wake of the Republican President's attack, the Democratic senator's profile has only increased in Washington, where she is increasingly viewed as a top contender for president in 2020.

USA TODAY's editorial board stirred up a hornet's nest Wednesday with an editorial declaring that President Trump is not only "not fit for office" but also not fit even to "clean the toilets in the planned Barack Obama Presidential Library".

Meanwhile, USA Today and all other news outlets who aid and abet political opportunists, such as the Hillary Clinton-like Kirsten Gillibrand, should be judged for what they are: unprofessionally at work in the toilet known as today's "journalism".

Long a talented fund-raiser, Gillibrand has cultivated a flourishing network of small donors, raising almost $3 million in the first three quarters of 2017 from people who gave less than $200, more than she had in the previous eight years combined from such donors.

The editorial was in reaction to Trump's twitter attack on Sen. "Good luck with that".

She's argued that the rules in institutions from Congress to Hollywood to the USA military are set to benefit the powerful and the favoured at the expense of the vulnerable. When asked if she's going to run for president in 2020, she said, "I'm very focused about running for re-election here in NY".

Ever since her longshot entrance into a 2006 House race against an entrenched Republican in a conservative district, Gillibrand has been underestimated. She wasn't shy about responding to the president. It's about all women and children standing up and trying to be heard, because it's a moment of reckoning right now in this country.

Along the way, Gillibrand hasn't spared icons in her own party.

Federal Election Commission records show Trump and his daughter Ivanka donated nearly $8000 to Gillibrand's congressional campaigns.

A bill she crafted aims to stop sexual assaults by stripping senior United States military officers of their responsibilities to decide whether to prosecute sexual assault cases and giving that authority to seasoned military trial lawyers.

On Friday, Gillibrand said, "We have actually given his donations to a not-for-profit that deals with sexual violence".