Game Preview: Griffin could return in Clippers' latest matchup with Lakers


"The coach tells me to be aggressive and it helps to look for your teammates, and that's what I was trying to do every chance I got", Evans said. "One of our biggest themes this year is getting guys to communicate more, to hold each other accountable, to hold themselves accountable, so we constantly talk about that".

The Lakers held a team meeting Thursday, where players were free to air their grievances about the state of the team, including "the business of the organization", said Brandon Ingram. Kyle Kuzma finished Wendesday's game hobbled after suffering a contusion in his thigh and was officially listed as "questionable" but went through shootaround on Friday morning. Regardless of what kind of team you have, it's hard to consistently win games when your best player goes down. "Hopefully, we think about what we said to each other, what we said to the coaches, and that the coaches have listened to what we said".

"I think it was well-needed at the point in time that we were at", Ingram said.

Lakers: Return to Staples Center on Friday as the designated home team against the Clippers.

While Griffin was fully expected to miss close to eight weeks with the sprained MCL injury suffered on November 28 against the Los Angeles Lakers, he has made incredibly swift strides after attacking the rigorous rehab the Clippers' training staff placed before him. He revealed that he's sore but sounded hopeful that he would be able to play. He is also the team's leading scorer at 17.8 points per game.

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Q: What happened with Julius' minutes in the last game and how did he handle that?

Then when the Jazz played the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday, Ricky Rubio and Derrick Favors showed great synchronization in the way they removed their warmup shirts after a timeout.

Walton: "It was one of the two".

"No, because we feel that Julius can guard everybody. We all know he has the ability to score but his playmaking is huge because it gives his teammates confidence".

Q: When Julius has not met his personal standard, what are the common themes? "That's contagious. And now that he's not out there, we have to make a point of still playing that way. We want him running into screens", Walton added. [He's] such a dynamic roller when he does it. "He is such a dynamic roller when he does it that he collapses a defense with how he can move around the court".