Nintendo Talks About Why DLC Is A Good Fit For The Switch


PlayStation 2 was the fastest-selling in its first-year in the country, but the console has now been overtaken by the Nintendo Switch.

The few first-party titles that we know are coming in 2018 for Switch include Kirby Star Allies and a Yoshi game.

Software sales for the hybrid home/portable gaming console were just as strong.

The Level-5 games Nintendo fans will be most familiar with are Professor Layton, Inazuma Eleven, Yo-Kai Watch and Fantasy Life, but the studio has also released bigger titles like Dark Cloud and Ni no Kuni on other systems.

The Switch isn't the only console doing well for Nintendo.

It's Friday, so it's time for the weekly analysis of the Japanese market by Japan's leading video game industry statistics firm Media Create. It's still a major challenge to find a Switch on store shelves today, even as the company ramps up production. Nintendo can not lose the momentum that the Switch has gained over the past year, as doing so would only result in bad news for the company.

Whether Switch will top the first year sales of the storied Nintendo Wii is still questionable.

Ever since Nintendo launched the Switch earlier this year, the console has never stopped comparing its accomplishments with the Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PS4. (The company had greater supply of the system, due to its holiday launch period.) In its first year, the Wii sold 13.17 million units.

A report from Nintendo Soup has revealed that in Japan (the home turf of both the Switch and PS2), the Switch has managed to outpace the sales numbers for the PS2's first ten months on the market.