Hands-On With Razer's Project Linda Smartphone Hybrid Concept - CES 2018


The key difference here is where there would normally be a touchpad, there is a perfectly-sized void for the Razer Phone to drop into. In fact, one of the demo's Razer showed us was playing games on Project Linda, through the power of the Razer Phone, using one of Razer's mice. Such is the case with Vainglory, TechnoBuffallo reports, which can outsource character stats and other additional info to the Razer Phone, while leaving the 13.3-inch screen all free for uncluttered action.

The laptop dock looks nearly like a Razer gaming laptop.

Because Project Linda is one of the first dual-screen Android experiences, no developer has actually designed their apps to work in this way as of yet.

Gaming company Razer stunned everyone with its Batman-worthy triple-screen laptop concept at CES past year, and now it's back with another laptop concept, this time for Razer Phone owners. And it's a cool idea, that much is clear, but the question remains - who'd pay the price for it if it even comes out?

"Smartphone are becoming more and more powerful and users are demanding more from those devices, laptop of course offer outstanding performance with the convenience of a larger screen and a physical keyboard, but imagine a future where you get the best of both world: so we are introducing Razer Project Linda to expand the power of the Razer Phone [to a laptop body]" said Kevin Sather. Not to mention that Razer itself is also reportedly facing difficulties running Android simultaneously on two touchscreens, although this could be due to the lack of optimization in the early stages of development. While we've seen phones power notebooks in the past, they've never become an integral part of the experience as Project Linda does.

At CES, Razer announced that its phone for gamers will get a camera update. Immersive audio is delivered through the front-firing speakers of the Razer Phone or enjoyed with a set of headphones connected to the 3.5mm jack. Not stopping there, Razer have put a 53.6 Wh internal battery that can rapidly charge the docked phone up to three times while away from a charger. It features a full-size keyboard with Chroma backlighting for personalization. Users benefit from a responsive and comfortable typing experience, customized for the Android environment with dedicated keys for navigation, search and app selection. The phone's Android home screen can be mirrored onto the 13.3-inch full HD display (Razer's shooting to make it a touchscreen, but it was a non-touchscreen version on the prototypes) or accessed in desktop mode, which gives you an interface that's similar to Chrome OS or Windows 10. "The 13.3" touch display of the laptop is ideal for gaming, entertainment, and creativity, or for multiple apps to run side by side.