Android Oreo Beta For LG G6, G6 Plus Rolling Out In China


LG has already started testing out the beta build for Oreo since November and it looks like they might be ready for the actual released soon.

The software version for the 8.0 Oreo beta is V19A which will only be supported in LGM-G600L, LGM-G600S, LGM-G600K, LGM-G600LR, LGM-G600SR, LGM-G600KR, LGM-G600LP, LGM-G600SP, and LGM-G600KP.

The company has still not revealed any details about the global roll out of Android 8.0 Oreo for its LG G6 users.

The update is being made available as both an OTA update to be downloaded directly to the phone, or as a download to the PC that can be uploaded to the phone via LG's "Bridge" application.

The Oxygen OS Open Beta 1 for OnePlus 5T brings Android Oreo to the device. In comparison, the device took two hours to charge up to 100% before the Oreo update, which was quite disappointing given the competition. And now, two days later, the company has released the Oreo based OxygenOS Open Beta 1 update for the 5T. Being a high-end Smartphone, OnePlus 5T smartphone offers all advanced features to explore what you might have dreamed of. Its difference is presumably the logical reason why the latter model received its Android Oreo 8.0 a week ago. In a nutshell, the new Oreo update will completely change the OnePlus 5T smartphone's actual UI. Owners of the OnePlus 5T may want to visit this link to check the availability of the beta update. The phone will get full system stability which makes it even more better in terms of its overall performance and multitasking.