Capcom sheds some light on Monster Hunter World's PC delay


It came to our attention recently that Capcom are delaying the release for Monster Hunter: World on PC, with the console version of the game is due for release very soon Ryozo Tsujimoto has come fourth and has explained why the developer has chose to extend the PC launch for more development time. Unlike the console versions, which will be available from the 26 January version games for PC will only appear in the fall of 2018. This will happen until the console version is completely ready and essentially "out the door".

Now, in a recent interview, the game's producer discussed the reasons as to why it was delayed that long.

"For the main Monster Hunter game, this is our first PC title", said the producer, "and it's something we want to make sure we get right".

Taking all of this into account, it looks as if Monster Hunter World's development team has carefully considered the arguments for and against microtransaction systems, and wound up erring on the side of players who are simply exhausted of the practice.

One of the biggest hang-ups seems to be with online matchmaking.

"We want you to go in and, through gameplay, find out what's causing you to hit this hurdle and figure it out".

Apparently of major concern to the development team was launching the best possible product that they could. Given that these are only being offered in Japan, Western fans have no choice but to consider importing these items.

While a more polished game is always welcome, one has to wonder why CAPCOM didn't take this into account earlier in the development phase to make sure all the versions were more or less aligned for release dates. Still, Capcom has made a decision to delay it until Fall 2018.

Tsujimoto also pointed out that even when you exclude the work needed to make the PC port run well, there's also the matter of matchmaking and other services provided by PSN, and Xbox Live that Capcom will need to have a replacement for on PC.