Ikea Just Released A New Ad That You're Supposed To Pee On


If you haven't heard already, Swedish agency Åkestam Holst has created a magazine ad for IKEA that encourages women to pee on it-the ad itself-for discounts, reports Adweek!

Now, if you're flooded with "What" and "Why" questions, let me tell you the advert doubles a pregnancy test for women, where expectant mums can avail rebates on its new crib!


IKEA just released a one-of-a-kind new advertisement that requires you to pee on it to reveal a discounted price on one of its popular items.

"Peeing on this ad may change your life", the ad says.

The obvious question is, if the test is positive, does the urine-soaked ad have to be bought into the store in order to qualify for the discount? Maybe you could tear it out of the magazine and you'll never have to buy one of these little beauties again...

A video explaining how the test works reads, "Ikea creates products for your everyday life for every life situation". We get that, we really do.

Like any other quirky idea that hits the internet and sets it ablaze, this Ikea ad soon took over the internet and became 2018's first viral moment.

The ad is now running in the Swedish magazine Amelia, according to Adweek. And interestingly, this is doubling up as a pregnancy test.

Reaction on social media has been mixed with some saying it goes too far and is 'unhygenic'. Baby gear can get expensive and any chance at saving money would be a huge help to many families.

Yeah, not a fun situation.