Samsung Unveils The Wall


At achieving this latter PR stunt, The Wall succeeds wonderfully.

"As the world's first consumer modular MicroLED television, "The Wall" represents another breakthrough".

Other options for giant TV displays have been shown off at CES this year. It's sheer gargantuan size is guaranteed to draw media and CES attendee attention while its host of cutting-edge new technologies give a glimpse of what Samsung is working on for their newest consumer models.

The TV features a micro-LED display, which is pitched as a superior alternative to OLED because it offers both deep blacks and bright highlights. The name of the TV itself, however, is entirely appropriate: The Wall.

This is because the display is actually composed of many smaller modules that can be arranged to form unusual dimensions - one example that was squat and super-wide was briefly shown at the presentation. This can be a problem for OLED screens as, unlike LCD displays which have own backlight, the light for an OLED screen is created by the pixels themselves - which, in the case of an 8K display, are tiny.

According to Samsung the TV uses what they call MicroLEDs. Even today's best OLED 4K TVs can't reach even half of that so far. "As a result, The Wall's self-emitting technology removes the need for color filters altogether and is able to deliver up to 2000 nits of peak brightness, brighter white hues, darker black shades and the truest natural colors". In other words, aside from its ridiculous size, The Wall is as close to the flawless new TV as we've seen so far from any brand. Samsung says the 146-inch size was chosen to comply with the standard ceiling height.

The Consumer Electronics Show kicks off at the end of this week and we will come again with the last CES news for you.

Samsung is planning another press event in March, where more details about The Wall will be given.