Tanked up Russian thief rammed shop to steal bottle of wine


Police said he stole the snow-covered military vehicle from a local military training organisation in a forest near Murmansk. "Basically some guy stole an armored vehicle. and went into a shop to top up his stocks in the morning", Reuters quotes a man on social media as narrating while filming the situation.

The joyride came to a dramatic halt when he struck a parked auto and crashed into the front of a local shop.

He also crushed a auto during his joyride.

After crashing said tank into a Daewoo Lanos (seriously you can't make this stuff up), he has then deliberately driven the armoured vehicle into the side of a local supermarket, where he ventured inside to grab a bottle of wine.

He proceeded to drive away in the vehicle before taking a rather unorthodox route through the town, failing to properly negotiate a bend and destroying a auto in the process. I had to laugh when it was pointed out that the shop was not licensed to sell alcohol at the time of the accident.

He crashed into a vehicle in the northwestern town of Apatity before smashing into the store and grabbing a bottle of red wine from Crimea, the Black Sea peninsula annexed from Ukraine by Russian strongman Vladimir Putin in 2014, The Sun of the United Kingdom reported.