The Internet Can't Get Over James Franco Blocking Tommy Wiseau


The film is also a cult classic for people making fun of bad movies and the meme culture, so much so, that it even inspired Franco and company to make an award-winning chronicle out of Wiseau's exploits for it.

Breakfast Club star Ally Sheedy also weighed in, writing in deleted tweets (via Variety): "Why is a man hosting?"

A best actor win stemming from one of the worst American movies: at the Golden Globes, anything is possible. As Vanity Fair notes, Franco directed Sheedy during his off-Broadway directorial debut in The Long Shrift in 2014. Gary Oldman, for example, won Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama despite Oldman's then-wife claiming he assaulted her with a telephone in front of their children in 2001, which Oldman denies.

You can read the full story here at The Los Angeles Times.

Franco has not yet responded to her tweets, or the tweets from two other women who came forward with allegations on the social media platform. Why is James Franco allowed in?

She later added, "James Franco just won".

During an appearance with "Live with Kelly and Michael", Franco admitted that he did participate in the conversation with a 17-year-old young woman while he was 35.

"When I was at NYU, I always said that I wanted my own Coen Brother, someone to collaborate with", Franco said after accepted the Golden Globe for his performance as the eccentric impresario Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist. Others pointed to the incident in 2014 where the actor was caught trying to arrange a hotel hookup with a 17 year old.

So we put it to The Disaster Artist's screenwriting duo, Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber (500 Days of Summer, The Spectacular Now) at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards (watch above).

The Room filmmaker Tommy Wiseau has revealed what he would have said if he had been handed the microphone during James Franco's Golden Globe acceptance speech.