Winfrey's Golden Globes speech sparks talk of 2020 campaign


At the Golden Globes ceremony yesterday, host Seth Meyers rooted for Winfreys electoral debut in his opening monologue itself.

Standing before a country hungry for a unifying, optimistic message, Oprah was kinetic, triggering an instant sensation on social media where #Oprah2020 has been blazing since.

He then showed a clip of Trump from 1999, in which Trump said he would consider Winfrey to be his running mate if he ever ran for office.

"I'm being seen for who I am and being appreciated for who I am and that makes it much more hard to dismiss me or anyone who looks like me", the drama series best actor said.

Declaring his support, British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver started a mini presidential campaign on Instagram and said it would be "the biggest landslide victory in the history of America" if Winfrey runs for the office.

Winfrey, a filmmaker, actor, philanthropist, Presidential Medal Of Freedom victor and star of the upcoming adaptation "A Wrinkle in Time", said speaking up is more important now than ever, as the media and the very idea of facts are under siege. She has never held office, she may not be temperamentally fit for the rough-and-tumble of politics, and the country may be fed up with political neophytes running for office.

Might that foster a better relationship with the press than the Trump or Obama administrations? She is famously, and rightfully so, known for her ability to connect to her audience.

The political back-and-forth has already begun. "Oprah. Oprah, you're a competitor, right?"

Last September, Winfrey tweeted a New York Post editorial that trumpeted her as the Democrats' best hope of beating Trump in 2020. Talented as Obama was, it took him months to hit his stride as a candidate and even longer to figure out how to power through the pain to savor the joy of leading a worthy cause.

"I slept on it and came to the conclusion that the Oprah thing isn't that insane", tweeted Dan Pfeiffer, a former senior advisor to Barack Obama, the president whom Winfrey was credited with helping to elect in 2008. Yes, she has navigated her life and career magnificently to date, with shrewd decisions that have made her a beloved billionaire and huge commercial success.

However, the current President's daughter, Ivanka, has been ridiculed for using the #TimeUp hashtag in her Tweet, after her father faced multiple allegation of sexual harassment, which he has denied. Experience in government - at any level - may come into vogue.

One Twitter user wrote that the only way her speech would have been more ideal was if she announced at the end that she was running for POTUS.

Her longtime partner also suggested that she could be persuaded. You will never be vice-president. But the price is high. "I think we'd win easily, actually". "It would be a pretty good ticket". "But if you're going to be in public service, why not try to do it at the very top, where you can make the greatest difference?" 34% of voters found Oprah to be "unfavorable" and 18% found her "very unfavorable". And though polls show his approval up slightly since, Trump is the least popular first-year president on record. "I think one of the arguments against Oprah is 45".

She also predictably got Twitter buzzing, because that's what Twitter does, but more than that, there were people legitimately close to Oprah who were definitely not shutting down the idea.