Amazon brings Alexa digital assistant along for the ride with Toyota


But Amazon's deal with Toyota, one of the world's largest automakers, marks new heights for Alexa's world domination.

Travers said his company hopes to ship the AR glasses sometime during the second quarter of 2018 for around $1,000.

Adding Alexa's machine learning smart capabilities into the mix makes a lot of sense and could really turn the Blade specs into a device that is useful for both work and play, providing you can stomach wearing the nerd goggles out in public; that didn't work out so well for Google Glass.

Amazon's voice-activated home assistant Amazon Alexa is making its way to a number of laptop and desktop models, challenging Microsoft's own PC assistant Cortana on her own operating system.

It's good to see the smart glasses market continue after Google Glass had a rough test launch. In an interview with the outlet, Vuzix CEO Paul Travers said you can issue voice commands to Alexa and have information displayed on your field of view, so long as you have an Amazon account. It will be shown off during this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES ), and it is expected to put special emphasis on the Alexa integration that it has achieved in its research and manufacturing.

CES 2018, Las Vegas, will be the place where many new AR and VR products make their debut, with smart glasses being just one example of the kinds of interesting new products that'll be making their way onto the market. And so here we are, with more news of Amazon and partners integrating Alexa into every product that might come to mind - glasses, cars, mirrors, microwave ovens, mobile accessories, computers and many others.

Amazon are of course eager to have Alexa integrated with as many smart devices as possible, so smart glasses and head-mounted displays (HMDs) are the next logical step.