Can Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency actually work as money?


But, Rogers stated that bitcoin is still one of the only forms of sound money in the market that is now being dominated by digital tokens and altcoins. In addition to the expected singer Bitcoin, the Bitcoin babes also include Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano and more.

"It's just digital currency", said Jason Wilson, with L'Argent Services. Therefore, investors should remain cautious when trading bitcoin and other digital currencies.

The support member concluded the conversation with, "Rest assured that we will send an email to you once we receive an update on this matter".

Wilson has been researching, buying and selling bitcoin. Categorized as either standalone virtual currencies or tokens issued on the ethereum blockchain, crypto-assets, which were once considered anything but an investment idea, took on the combined might of the traditional asset classes in 2017, delivering massive returns.

While the group isn't necessarily a smash hit as of yet, the Bitcoin babes performed at an electro-pop concert in Tokyo in front of dozens of fans and media people packed tightly into a small hall.

If bitcoin seems confusing or mysterious, it's because it kind of is.

However, the analysts warned that investors may not realize astronomical gains, if digital currencies become a widely used form of payment.

It's not just Bitcoin anymore, both serious investors and common people are trying their luck with other virtual currencies as well. It's more about its stored value. Several institutional investors are also taking short positions on bitcoin, signifying their bearish outlook.

The Japanese Bitcoin babes that will be informing the world about the magic of cryptocurrency are part of a band called Kasotsuka Shojo, featuring eight singers that each represent a different type of cryptocurrency. He noted that as the financial mainstream takes digital currency more seriously, a rules-based system is likely, at least for bitcoin trading.

When contacted, the Microsoft chat support confirmed the company's decision to no longer accept bitcoin.

"If it's something that we need to be handling at the county, if it's something that it's an actual currency that we need to start accepting to be cutting-edge technology, then we're going to do it", Oklahoma County Clerk David Hooten said. While bitcoin remains as the most dominant cryptocurrency in the global market, it is no longer more valuable than all of the other cryptocurrencies in the market combined.

Katsotsuka Shojo means "Virtual Currency Girls" in Japanese, and was recently launched by Cinderella Academy - an entertainment company that also manages several other popular J-pop groups.