Dark Souls Remastered upgraded for PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, PC


It's a trilogy that is industry defining, and Japan is getting a suitably stunning box set to celebrate just that. Also, 1080p resolution with 30FPS is available when playing the game on Nintendo Switch with its TV mode. PS4 Pro and Xbox One X owners will be happy to hear their beefed-up consoles will upscale Dark Souls up to 4K and at a super-smooth 60FPS. The Dark Souls Remaster will be launching in May on all platforms.

Yesterday, during Nintendo's mini Nintendo Direct, Dark Souls: Remastered was announced for the Nintendo Switch; thus, many fans rejoiced over the chance to suffer on the go. In addition, this remaster will feature all the DLCs that came out for the original title.

"From their first timid steps to absolute mastery, players will build their characters by strategically adapting to daunting foes, exploring haunting locations, and amassing a large collection of weapons, armour and magic spells to utilise for a truly unique playstyle", states the press release for the game.

When first released on PC, Dark Souls was just a port of the console version due to being rushed upon release. That doesn't mean a change in game engine is out of the question, but this will look pretty similar to the version of Dark Souls we already know.

So, there you have it: Dark Souls: Remastered on the PS4 Pro will no longer feature HDR Lighting. Dark Souls Remastered is the latest in the trend of critically acclaimed remastered games.

In GameSpot's original Dark Souls review Kevin VanOrd awarded it a 9.5/10, describing it as "riveting". Some games try to scare you with bump-in-the-night shocks and far-off howls, but Dark Souls doesn't require such predictable methods of terror. The last Dark Souls was Dark Souls 3, which was released in 2016.