'Fire and Fury' Is 'Grotesque' and 'Fiction': Stephen Miller


White House senior adviser Stephen Miller had to be escorted off the set of CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday after a heated interview with the show's host, Jake Tapper. "CNN has been extraordinarily biased, extraordinarily unfair to the president and is not giving their viewers honest information".

Miller's interview with Tapper was extremely contentious, and ended when Tapper made a decision to abandon the segment and move on to other subjects.

Mr Wolff's book portrays the 45th president as a leader who does not understand the weight of his office and whose competence is questioned by aides.

The two men continued to duke it out after Tapper ended the interview, according to a transcript of the exchange obtained by CBS News. "Presumably, you were not a physical threat, you were not armed", Carlson said. "But I think to me, a clean bill is a bill of DACA - we take care of them, and we also take care of security".

The president responded by saying Bannon had lost his mind, and the White House suggested the hard-right news site Breitbart News part ways with Bannon as its executive chairman. Bannon said he still supported Trump, whose public break with his one-time strategist and use of a derisive nickname for him, "Sloppy Steve", reflected the depth of the president's anger. He also lauded Trump as a "political genius". Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) asked Trump if he would support "a clean DACA bill now, with a commitment that we go into a comprehensive immigration reform procedure", and Trump replied, "Yeah, I would like to do that". Miller agreed with Trump's description of himself, adding that Trump is a "self-made billionaire who revolutionized reality TV and who has changed the course of..."

"OK, Stephen, thanks for coming in", Tapper responded, obviously trying to move on from the interview. Even though the CNN host had to cut Miller off after things got out of control, they kept their intense fight going off-camera, and Miller reportedly had to be escorted out of the building afterwards.