Funding CHIP for 10 years would actually save $6 billion: CBO


Georgetown University Health Policy Institute's Center for Children and Families analyzed Children's Health Insurance Programs across the country and found that 1.7 million children in 21 of the 24 states facing shortages are at risk of losing coverage by the end of February if additional funding is not approved. His committee has jurisdiction over the health program's budget.

Rep. Hill said he's aware of the "critical importance" of CHIP for children across both the United States and Arkansas.

CHIP rules require states to return any unspent grant money into a "redistribution pool" which provides supplementary funds to states that run out of money for the program. Ray Bignall, with Cincinnati Children's.

Extending CHIP yields net savings because the federal cost of alternatives to providing coverage are larger than the cost of CHIP coverage, the CBO said.

As for those cookies - those will be sent to the local offices of Steve Chabot and Senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman. And since the Republican tax bill makes Obamacare more and more expensive over time, it makes CHIP more and more cost-effective over time. In December, Congress passed a $2.85 billion "patch", meant to provide supplemental cash to the program as Congress continues to weigh plans for long-term funding. But it's unclear whether CHIP will be resolved by then or at a later point.

The uncertainty surrounding federal funding for the insurance program has him rethinking his current job as a non-profit attorney along with every routine purchase.

In a January 5 letter to Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, the CBO outlined an updated financial analysis of a Senate bill that would reauthorize CHIP funding for five more years, S. 1827. "Meanwhile, Colorado and CT families received letters informing them that their children may soon lose CHIP coverage".

When Marina Natali's younger son broke his arm ice-skating a year ago, she did not have to worry about paying: CHIP footed all of his medical bills. She can't afford private coverage for her two children on her dental hygienist pay. The group practice hasn't changed any scheduling for CHIP patients, but he said "families are terrified" about the program having to be terminated.

There is bipartisan support for CHIP in Delaware.

"These families don't know if the rug is being pulled out from them at any time", he said. "I have said from day one that my first priority when I arrived in Washington would be to protect the 150,000 Alabama children - and the nine million more across the nation - who depend on CHIP for their healthcare". "They seem so cavalier about it", she said. It cost $15 billion in 2016, according to data from the Kaiser Family Foundation.