Health club chain quitting cable news on big-screen TVs


But one fitness chain has cut them off, implying that cable news coverage is not conducive to a "healthy way of life".

The YWCA in Minneapolis has overhead TVs at each of its three locations that offer various channels that include lifestyle, news, family fare, game shows, cooking and sports, said spokeswoman Emily O'Gara.

Big-screen TVs at Life Time clubs will instead air United States of America, A&E, Discovery, HGTV, ESPN, and local stations, including local news.

"Ultimately, it always is our goal to meet the vast majority of members' expressed requests and we believe this change is consistent with the desires of the overall membership as well as our desire to uphold a positive, family oriented, healthy way of life environment", she said.

"Who are these faceless people that all of a sudden have huge sway over changing a policy at Life Time Fitness without member input, consent or even fair warning?"

The company also tweeted about the change last week, and despite a massive response, Life Time chose to stick by the new policy.

Bushaw declined to disclose how many members have complained about cable news channels, but said it has been a growing issue "over years, not weeks or months". The club also said it would offer local news on the big TVs. Life Time clubs, which are now located in 36 major markets in the USA and Canada, also have WiFi, meaning members can watch news on their own devices as they please.

"Negative news can affect your own personal worries", psychologist Dr. The only problem is that most gyms have tons of TVs showing cable news of all political leanings.

The post on Twitter drew both supportive and negative comments.

No more fake news.