India Willoughby was sexually attracted to a DALEK


She said she had "cocked it up" in terms of her tactics on the show in an interview with presenter Emma Willis.

The newsreader has claimed she was previously abducted by aliens, and we have a feeling she was being completely serious.

Meanwhile Paddy Power has India odds-on at 1/7 and Jonny at 4/1.

When Andrew asked if he treats Shane differently when he's dressed as Courtney, Shane continued: "You're more flirtatious, I think understandably so, you're a young viral man with sexual desires, and Courtney is aesthetically a tarty, attractive woman".

While numerous housemates were in horror, policewoman Maggie Oliver asked to see his nude form once again as she "missed" the first appearance.

As well as coming out with some bold claims during her time in the house, India has also courted controversy with some of her comments.

India believes it was the work of "Martians".

"My second nomination is Jonny and not because of my loyalties on the outside because I did make it very clear I was nervous to begin with", she said. "People love a villain".

"I watch Big Brother every year and I know it's crucial to get a good bed because obviously sleep is a big issue in there".

The 47-year-old has been a divisive housemate thanks to her, er, love of talking about herself and how she often brings the topic of gender into discussions.

Discussing the backlash she received for refusing to swap beds with former MP Ann Widdecombe, 70, she said it's because she was a Big Brother superfan.

The challenge is to find out whether the men or women look after them best.

India has spoken openly about her transition.

She once told Prima magazine: "I don't want to encourage eating disorders". I think those early outbursts have cost me. But legally I do have to say, Tom Reed Wilson everyone!' "I'd been able to live two parallel lives but you can't do that indefinitely". When I was a guy, when the moment came it was just like bang, just a moment of satisfaction.

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