Is "Black Panther" a billion-dollar movie?


"Black Panther" broke Marvel presale records when it aired during the College Football Playoff National Championship game, according to Fandango managing editor, Erik Davis.

How fans accept and relate to the noble King of Wakanda could have huge reverberations throughout the entertainment world, and that fact is weighing heavily on many creative types' minds.

Giving society's young black children a Batman-like hero of their own is of paramount importance to Igle, as it could further spur the resurgence of interest in other Hollywood projects showcasing African-American crusaders, like The CW's upcoming Black Lightning.

Video: In Marvel's comics, the Dora Milaje are an elite, all-female squad of warriors sworn to protect the Wakandan throne and its king - the Black Panther.

While industry estimates do not believe "Black Panther" will topple "Civil War's" strong opening weekend of $179M, but if it does, "Panter" would become the highest opening of all-time for a February release and the best opening before summer.

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Black Panther has a lot going for it at the moment. He debuted as T'Challa in "Captain America: Civil War", which opened to an impressive $179 million when it arrived in theaters in May 2016.

Additionally, Black Panther is ramping up excitement because the marketing materials for Ryan Coogler's endeavor makes it look cool, unique, powerful, sexy and thrilling. And if you want to keep up with all of the happenings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, bookmark our guide to the films that are on the studio's radar.