'Kill off the issue for a generation': Farage moots second Brexit referendum


Many of the Remain camp in Britain now focus on securing a soft Brexit rather than another referendum but some, including ex-Labour prime minister Tony Blair, say Brexit should be halted to safeguard Britain's economy and worldwide standing. They "will go on winging and whining and moaning all the way through this process", Farage said.

"If we had a second referendum on European Union membership we would kill [naysaying] off for a generation", he said. "I agree. Bring it on!" he said on Twitter.

It was the first time since the referendum that Farage has suggested he might support a second vote.

"As the damaging effects of Farage, May and Corbyn's hard Brexit begin to bite, it's vital that the public get a chance to have their say on whatever deal the government come back with - and the chance to reject that deal and remain in Europe, if that's what they decide".

While the Labour Party appears to endorse the result of the 2016 referendum, the Liberals have called for a second poll to legitimize or reject any deal reached by the United Kingdom government.

Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May has promised Britain will leave the European Union in March 2019 and then enter a roughly two-year transition period for the government to implement new policies on issues such as trade, customs and immigration.

Farage later backtracked from the notion that he actively wanted another referendum, but said leave supporters must "face this potential threat" and start organising for another campaign. He also claimed that those who would vote "Leave" would be higher than the 52% who voted last time.

Farage slammed Blair - who is unpopular across the political spectrum in Britain - and his allies, who have become more outspoken in recent weeks.

"I do agree with Mr Farage that if we had another referendum it would result in an overwhelming vote to leave".

Adonis described the Brexit vote as a "nationalist spasm" while Clegg has previously called for another referendum. "True Brexiteers have been backed into a corner and the only option now is to go back to the polls and let the people shout from the rooftops their support of a true Brexit", Banks said in a statement.

"If the Brexit that is delivered does not match up to the promises of Leave campaigners - with no sign of £350m extra per week for the NHS, but a whopping great divorce bill of £39bn - then everyone is entitled to ask if this is the right choice for our country".

Speaking on the chat show The Wright Stuff on Thursday, Farage, an MEP, said he had changed his mind on the prospect of a second vote.

More than half (51%), however, said they do not back a re-run of the divisive 2016 referendum which saw the country narrowly back breaking away from the bloc.