Moscow Calls Vancouver Meeting on Pyongyang 'Inappropriate Cold War Mindset'


The White House issued a statement Friday to recognize news that trade between China and North Korea dropped 50 percent in December as a result of tightening sanctions.

China on Thursday rejected a media report that it plans to fund the construction of an anti-terror base in Afghanistan.

The Trudeau government has provided little information in the days leading up to the Vancouver summit, despite being a co-host, and appears to be instead consumed with the threat of a trade war with the U.S.

In November, China imported no iron ore, coal or lead from North Korea, the second full month of the U.

Vice President Mike Pence will lead the official U.S. delegation. It continued: "The current situation in the Korean Peninsula is very complicated and sensitive".

Without the participation of key parties in the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, such a meeting would not help resolve issue properly.

Lu said countries should work to defuse tensions and promote dialogue, rather than isolating Pyongyang.

Yet without Russian Federation and China, both of which have been involved in the so-called Six-Party Talks aimed at finding a peaceful resolution to North Korea's nuclear program, it's unclear what the Vancouver meeting can really achieve.

The ministers will discuss steps to thwart North Korea's evasion of sanctions, including through maritime interdiction, State Department Director of Policy Planning Brian Hook said in a press briefing. "Should the United States and its followers try to enforce the naval blockade against our country, we will see it as an act of war and respond with merciless self-defensive counter-measures as we have warned repeatedly", a government-controlled media outlet said. This ministerial will enhance and strengthen all of the efforts under way.

Japan has also raised concerns around the meeting, with Japanese officials suggesting too many countries are invited.

Russian Federation is also expected to be absent along with China, meaning two of North Korea's most important and influential neighbours will be missing when Freeland and Tillerson sit down with other foreign ministers.

After U.S. President Donald Trump's Twitter-bashed China's furtive efforts to sell refined oil to North Korea on the high seas, China suddenly announced on January 5 that it would immediately impose a wide-ranging embargo against North Korea to "implement UN Resolution 2397".