Parents of 3-Year-Old Are Indicted in Her Death


Prosecutors in Dallas will decide in the coming weeks whether to seek the death penalty against the adoptive father of a 3-year-old girl whose body was found two weeks after she went missing. Father Wesley Mathews faces a capital murder charge for her October 2017 death.

The Dallas County Medical Examiner's office said last week that while Sherin's manner of death was homicidal violence, her exact cause of death could not be determined because of extensive decomposition.

Mathews previously was charged with injury to a child, a first-degree felony punishable with a maximum 99 years in prison, police in the Dallas suburb of Richardson said.

His wife Sini Mathews was indicted Friday on a charge of abandoning a child.

He told police that he forced Sherin to drink her milk and then removed her body from the house after she choked and died.

Authorities say Mathews initially told investigators that Sherin disappeared before dawn on October 7, 2017, after he made her stand outside as punishment for not drinking her milk.

Johnson said evidence in the case was still unfolding but that there was no indication anyone outside of Sherin's parents was involved in the death.

Reports also said that doctors alleged that Sherin had injuries suggesting significant abuse was inflicted upon her after she was adopted.

An autopsy released earlier this month revealed that 3-year-old Sherin Mathews died of "homicidal violence" after she disappeared from her adopted family's Richardson home on October 7, 2017. He told a detective that he had been trying to get Sherin to drink her milk in the garage, and she wouldn't listen to him, the affidavit states. She was coughing and her breathing slowed. Specialists composed that he "then confessed to expelling the body from the home".

During the investigation, Mathews' story allegedly changed several times, including that she had died from choking on milk.

Mathews was being held at the Dallas County imprison on a $1 million bond.

"We have some information as to what might have happened", Johnson said.