Serena Williams shares her near death experience during child birth


With her insurmountable tennis record, ability to overcome obstacles, new marriage and recent delivery to her baby Alexis Olympia, the champion has reminded us all what it means to be successful. Although she had an easy pregnancy and the c-section went smoothly, Ms. Williams, who has a history of blood clots, said she fell short of breath the day after the surgery.

Little Alexis was fine after her September birth, but Williams said that "everything went bad" for her personally.

For someone as courageous and strong as Williams, she's admitted to feeling doubt when it comes to motherhood.

But then, Serena says, everything went terribly wrong.

. Williams was correct as doctors discovered that she had developed multiple clots in her lungs. 'I was like, a Doppler?

She walked out of the hospital room to avoid worrying her mother, and between gasps told the nearest nurse she needed a CT scan with contrast and a blood thinner right away. The ultrasound revealed nothing, so they sent her for the CT, and sure enough, several small blood clots had settled in her lungs.

She is now eyeing a return to the women's tour at the Indian Wells tournament in March.

Halep's rise to the summit came despite the Romanian failing to break her grand-slam duck.

Maria Sharapova, however, is the one player who can match Williams' intensity and single-minded desire for success, not to mention her status as a drawcard.The Russian is lurking in the shadows as a major contender as she continues to rebuild her career after a 15-month doping ban after she tested positive for meldonium at the 2016 Australian Open.

Vogue/Mario Testino "Sometimes I get really down and feel like, man, I can't do this", she told the magazine. Had Williams not persisted, there's a chance she may not have survived the blood clots.

Her C-section wound popped open from the intense coughing caused by the pulmonary embolism, and during surgery they found that a large hematoma had flooded her abdomen.

Tennis legend Serena Williams is widely regarded as one of the greatest athletes on the planet, and perhaps ever. Doctors and other health care providers are quick to dismiss the concerns of women, and black women in particular. I'd like her to have a normal life. I didn't have that", the new mom said, while Alexis pondered: "She's obviously going to have a very special life, but there are enough cautionary tales about kids who grow up in the spotlight.

The childbirth complications Williams experienced, while rare and incredibly serious, should serve as a wakeup call to public health officials and women, in that her wealth and fame nearly certainly proved life-saving. Williams now has 23, but she is aware of what's in the record books and wants to win 25.