'We feel betrayed' says Pakistani Army on U.S. move to cut aid


Military's public affairs division Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) on Friday released the details of Gen Bajwa's recent contacts with the USA leaders.

The Pakistani army said in a statement Friday that the head of U.S. Central Command, Gen. Joseph Votel, said in a telephone conversationwith Pakistan's chief of army staff that the "ongoing turbulence" in the countries' relationship was "a temporary phase".

Aizaz said the message by the U.S. leadership has not gone well with Pakistan and its people and President Trump's tweet was rather a surprise for all.

Talking to a private news channel, Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal said that there is a need to find common ground in diplomacy, for resolving the issues.

In a statement, spokesman Maj. The ISPR statement is therefore considered to be aimed at quelling the speculations.

The three key messages conveyed by the Centcom chief were that the problems in ties were temporary; there would be no unilateral action against Pakistan, and that the U.S. did not want a disruption in ties rather it wanted cooperation from Islamabad on areas of its concern.

The Dawn says that possibility of a unilateral action was key concern in Islamabad after a Pentagon report on Afghanistan last month mentioned "unilateral steps in areas of divergence".

Some U.S. and Afghan officials anxious that Pakistan would retaliate by ceasing to share intelligence or raising the costs for U.S. -led North Atlantic Treaty Organisation forces to use Pakistani air and land corridors into Afghanistan. Gen Votel "acknowledged the effectiveness of some of the recent actions taken by Pakistan to ensure that Pakistan's hospitality to Afghan refugees is not misused in anyway", it noted.

Ghafoor did not state exactly when the conversation took place, saying the call was made to Bajwa earlier this week. "We value mutual understanding of interests and concerns that we need to consider that might lead to a positive path forward", Thomas told AFP. The committee at the time said that the USA was scapegoating Pakistan for its own failure to bring peace to Afghanistan after 16 years of war.

During the call, Votel told Bajwa that Washington is concerned about Afghans using Pakistan as a staging ground for attacks against the United States inside Afghanistan.

"This view, he felt, was undermining in Washington, Pakistan's contributions in war against terrorism".

Bajwa also said Pakistan is being treated badly by the U.S. "despite decades of cooperation,"Sputnik News reports".

According to the ISPR, General Votel apprised the army chief about the USA decision regarding the United States security assistance and the coalition support fund.

The COAS reiterated that Pakistan will not seek resumption of aid but expects honourable recognition of its contributions, sacrifices and unwavering resolve in the fight against terrorism for peace and stability in the region, according to the ISPR.