Women rule at the 75th Golden Globes!


Actor Natalie Portman, who came to present the Golden Globe Award for Best Director with the director Ron Howard didn't waste the opportunity to point this out.

"I think it was great!" he wrote.

This moment came minutes after Oprah gave her insanely powerful speech, and was the ideal coda to everything that was said.

Natalie Portman then added: "And here are the all-male nominees". It clearly wasn't lost on her that the feeling of solidarity with women that night didn't always extend to the awards themselves, where all the nominated directors were men.

Only one woman has ever won the Golden Globes award for film directing in the show's 75 year history. "Time's up!" she said. As for how the film will fare at the upcoming 2018 Academy Awards, Gerwig is simply buzzing at the thought of potentially attending the glitzy ceremony.

Natalie Portman made quite the statement during Monday's Golden Globes when she called out the Best Director category for its lack of gender diversity.

"I have had projects where explicitly the studio has said, 'this is the limit of your budget because it's a female character, '" Del Toro told IndieWire of Hollywood's pervasive sexism.

If Steven Spielberg gets his way, this year's Oscar nominees for best director won't be exclusively men.

While the Golden Globes have become increasingly more diverse, there are still a few categories that could use a little more diversification. However, when he took the stage, he made sure to ask the Globes to not play the wrap-up-your-speech-music, so he could shed light on the "fantastic women" who had worked on his film.

Tweeting after the Golden Globes, previous victor Barbra Streisand said: "I also would have liked to see director @PattyJenks and her film @WonderWomanFilm recognized because it shows how strong women can be, not only as characters but also at the box office".