Alabama coach's playbook was stolen before College Football Playoff game


If you win a National Championship, is a stolen playbook 2 days before the game really a story?

Police have released new surveillance pictures after an Alabama football coach's backpack was stolen before the National Championship in Atlanta.

In addition to the playbook, Dunbar also had a wallet, $1,320 in cash, two cellphones, a passport, an iPad, sunglasses and reading glasses in the backpack. Some of the items from the backpack were found in a bathroom, but the playbook is still missing.

Karl Dunbar, a former Jets coach who now coaches the defensive line at Alabama, left his backpack in what the team thought was a secure conference room at the Mariott Marquis hotel, Fox 10 reports.

Karl Dunbar previously coached the Jets defensive line from 2012-2014 under coach Rex Ryan. The Alabama defensive linemen used the room as a meeting area before Monday night's game. I say even odds.

Alabama trailed 13-0 in the title game before storming back and winning 26-23 over the Bulldogs.