Cameron Jordan's father has split allegiances, picks one for Saints-Vikings


This rushing attack takes a large amount of pressure off the passing offense and allows Drew Brees to run a very effective play-action.

Vikings fans who wanted to attend the game, though, wouldn't be dissuaded by the often-prohibitive travel and hotel costs associated with the Super Bowl, and might have more money to snap up tickets on secondary markets.

Mike Zimmer doesn't make the headlines often enough as to how good of a coach this is, but make no mistake.

The Vikings begin another quest for a Super Bowl title today, hosting the New Orleans Saints in a playoff game in Minneapolis. Saints vs Vikings tv channel is on Fox.

After four years of waiting, the Eagles made it to the playoffs and tailgating fans celebrated just before the big game.

The duo of Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara have provided nightmares for opposing defenses this season. The Vikings' defense has feasted off the noise and encouragement of their fans, holding opponents to just 12.5 per game in their building and holding them to 23 conversions on 99 third-down opportunities, or just 23.2 percent. "You are going to make me cry, for us to be here right now".

What changed for these Super Bowl contenders? The difference for New Orleans here is whether they can put pressure on the Vikings front to get to Case Keenum as they have been one of the most balanced teams in the National Football League and if they can't keep their pivot upright this weekend it could be their downfield and spoil the chance to play in a Super Bowl at home. "I think you probably use (the last spot) for somebody on special teams or one of the lineman". But we found out who we are. He won't be one Sunday, however. Can the Vikings hold their own at home against a great Saints team to continue their quest for Super Bowl LII? Thomas wound up with 104 catches this season, and he caught eight more for 131 yards last week vs. Carolina. The Titans, Jaguars, Falcons and Saints earned their playoff spots by winning their respective Wild Card games last weekend.

"I enjoyed the time I spent with those teams", he said of his interviews, "but you quickly get back into preparing for the Saints". "That we couldn't have nice things", said Herb Kuehl, 70, of Roseville.

Keenum was nothing more than a perennial backup over his first five seasons in the league before he was called under center in Minnesota after Sam Bradford went down in Week 1 and again in Week 5. "I've been happy for him knowing the road he's traveled to get to where he is", Brees said. It will be hard for them to contain everybody, and the guess here is that Rudolph and McKinnon are the ones who take advantage.