Diet Coke gets total makeover with four new flavors


With the new brand revamp, the company hopes to manage the best of both worlds - avoiding the fury of loyalists while making some necessary changes to finally grow Diet Coke's sales. Now, in an attempt to spike sales (Beverage Digest reported Diet Coke sales dropped nearly 2 percent in 2016 alone), the brand is announcing major changes.

The four new flavors are: Ginger Lime, Twisted Mango, Zesty Blood Orange and Feisty Cherry. The company gave its cans a brand new makeover with a taller, thinner, and [in our opinion] easier-to-hold can! So here we are, with mango- and zesty blood orange-flavored Diet Coke.

The sleek cans are expected to add to Diet Coke's contemporary feel.

Coca-Cola North America group director Rafael Acevedo said that in the brand's relaunch, Diet Coke is becoming bolder and more innovative in their approach to beverages while staying true to the brand.

Simon Thorneycroft, founder and CEO at design agency Perspective Branding also appreciated the "clean" new look, but was not blown away by the design - the result of a two year innovation process. Diet Coke Lime and Diet Coke Cherry will no longer be sold in stores. Gone is the scripted "Diet" over a giant "Coke" with a swirling line running around the circumference of the can. After 35 years, the iconic zero-calorie beverage brand is relaunching its products with an updated look, new packaging, #New Flavors, and a new campaign to go with it - their offering to the millennials that make up most of their market.

The company assures fans that "Diet Coke is not being reformulated" and continues to be available nationwide.

Diet Coke's new look and flavors will launch later this month. For people looking for an option that tastes like a Coca-Cola, Coke Zero Sugar is a great choice.

Diet Coke today unveiled a packaging redesign and four new flavors that are joining the original variety. A slightly refined typography aims to simultaneously preserve Diet Coke's heritage, yet present it in a more progressive manner. The original taste and bottle/can designs you've grown to love will still be available for sale, too.

Acevedo concluded, "We continue to believe and invest in Diet Coke because it's a great-tasting, zero-calorie beverage loved by millions". The company said Diet Coke saw sales fall by a "mid single-digit percentage" in its third quarter of 2017.

Diet Coke is one of those drinks that is less a drink, more a lifestyle.