Red Cross helps Trumbull residents after fire


COHOES, N.Y. The American Red Cross will join forces with the city, the Cohoes Fire Department and other community partners on Saturday, Jan. 27, to help local families prepare for home fires. The residents left the home believing the trash fire was out, but that was not the case. It's happening all the time and so we need Red Cross volunteers to go help.

Two Red Cross Disaster Action Team members responded to the Milford Avenue fire early Friday morning to provide emergency assistance with temporary lodging, food and clothing to 11 people in four families, with blankets and comfort kits containing personal care items also provided.

"As we are a charity that depends on the American people for financial donations to provide help after home fires and other disasters, we would like to reiterate that we provide support to all affected by home fires in Milwaukee, and we will continue to do so". "Anybody can request a smoke alarm and if that comes through in the Huron area, we get a hold of Mason". For the past few years, volunteers have first canvassed then installed free smoke alarms in houses and apartments in Huron. "What's important for us is to be able to support and work with clients".

She says, "Our goal is to provide a community wide solution to fix this community wide problem". Heather Allemang, Red Cross Disaster Program Manager, talks volunteers through detailed processes of assisting clients after going through a disaster.

Red Cross Disaster Action Teams also responded and assisted families affected by home fires in Kearny, Elizabeth, Piscataway and Vineland today.