Toyota will bring Alexa to its U.S. cars this year


As the battle for voice assistant market share heats up, both Google and Amazon will be vying for more real estate. It makes it easier for the OE manufacturers of these devices by doing away with the need for writing new codes. In other words, if you were showcasing just another electronic, whether that be the latest iteration of your existing product or a new one altogether, Alexa was your feature highlight this year. About 45 million people in the United States will use smart speakers in 2018, research firm EMarketer estimates, and Amazon has about two-thirds of the USA market. However, storage specifications do not really matter much on devices likes these, as its role is to respond to voice commands and deliver requests via its display.

The Smart Display runs Android Things OS, which is separate from the interface you would use on an Android tablet or smartphone.

Since Google Assistant is built in, the Smart Display can do everything a Google Home can do.

Toyota suggests a number of ways users could use Alexa in the vehicle, such as for taking notes and setting reminders, activating apps, or for controlling other smart devices, such as the heating and cooling on your house.

Lenovo is known for computing, but JBL is a speaker brand first and foremost, which demonstrates the hybrid nature of these devices. If you've used a smart speaker, you've experienced those times when it rattles off a response but you don't hear all of the details. Next in line is the LG WK9 that we can now call as a smart display-a category that is receiving a lot of new additions this year.

In terms of features, it's similar to Lenovo's offering.

Amazon's Fire TV devices have been shipping with support for Alexa for years, initially offering access to the company's voice assistant via microphones integrated into the Fire TV's remote control. JBL wasn't the only company to announce a speaker like this. It's the cheapest option, for the moment, at $129. In the past, one model of smart speaker broke and recorded every sound in range.

You'll be able to see your calendar on the screen, check recipes, watch videos and more. Someone, it seems, forgot to ask the Assistant for a weather forecast in CES week, and torrential rains on Tuesday forced the Google tent - which proved not to be waterproof in several places - to close. It is estimated Google Home will capture 25 percent of the smart speaker market in 2018, while Amazon's Echo will command a 68 percent.

For example, as mentioned, "coming soon" are AI-powered, Hi-Res Audio speakers from LG, the LG ThinQ WK7.