Uber to introduce mandatory rest breaks for United Kingdom drivers


A new Uber policy will mandate that drivers in the United Kingdom take at least a six-hour break after working a continuous shift of 10 hours, according to Reuters and Bloomberg.

These notifications or announcements are not just some friendly pieces of advice or alerts for the drivers to take some relaxing time off rather the drivers would be shut off from the app-meaning they would not be able to log into the application for accepting rides during the rest periods.

"The reason drivers are worn out is because they are not earning enough", said James Farrar, the chair of the private hire drivers' branch of the Independent Workers' Union of Great Britain.

United States ride-hailing app Uber today said it would cap the number of hours its drivers can work in Britain from next week in a bid to increase safety after heavy criticism of its business practices.

Drowsy drivers can kill, so Uber has chose to enforce rest breaks.

Uber has come under fire from unions and lawmakers in the United Kingdom, who criticised the company and complained that its drivers were working for too long.

The measures mean the app will enforce a six-hour break demand after a driver racks up 10 hours driving on a trip with a passenger, or on the way to pick one up.

Uber said last month almost a third of its 50,000 drivers in Britain are logged into the app for more than 40 hours a week, whilst just under 8 percent are online for more than 60 hours.

Uber is set to introduce a limit on the number of hours its drivers can drive, which it claims will improve customer and driver safety.

The change is said to be coming into effect from next week.

The following month Mr Farrar and against the ride hailing app, with a court ruling they were workers entitled to the minimum wage, sick pay and benefits.