Donald Trump claims Russian Federation undermining U.S. on North Korea


Reuters maintained that it had been told by Western European security sources in late December that Russian tankers had supplied fuel to on at least three occasions in recent months by transferring cargoes at sea in violation of global sanctions.

The decision to form a joint team in the women's ice hockey category, however, was met with considerable controversy in South Korea, as some fans believe it could hurt the country's prospects of earning a medal. He added: "If we march together or field a single team, I think that can be a further step in developing South-North relations".

"The Pyeongchang Olympics is becoming like a Pyongyang Olympics", its leader Hong Jun-Pyo said on Friday.

Though most South Koreans disagree with inserting politics into sports, some say fostering peace would be a better prize than a gold medal. "The theme of the opening ceremony on February 9 is to be "peace that acts, ' sharing performances combining tradition with modernity and a winter-themed children's story unique to Pyeongchang carrying a message for world peace", the ministry explained".

North Korea's defiance of US foreign policy has earned it a top spot on the lists of foes compiled by various administrations, with President Donald Trump being no exception.

"We will regularize the high-level talks and discuss pending issues between the South and the North in a comprehensive manner", a unification ministry document seen by NK News said.

Evidence on North Korean state propaganda networks indicates that Kim is attempting to use the Olympics to convince North Koreans that a unified Korean under the Kim dynasty is imminent.

North Korea will send a 30-member Taekwondo demonstration team and a large orchestra that will both perform in the Pyeongchang region and in Seoul.

North Korea sent a statement on Saturday saying it would send the delegation by a land route on Sunday, and the schedule during the visit could be carried out as previously agreed, the Unification Ministry said in a statement.

North Korea will also participate in the Paralympics that immediately follow the winter games.

Located near the border with bitter rivals North Korea, the site had been used for skiing since Japan's colonial rule in the early 20th century.

The International Olympic Committee will host officials from the Koreas in Switzerland this weekend to approve the agreement and iron out details of their cooperation amid concerns about a joint hockey team.