Meteor hunters find the first pieces of the MI meteorite


Two meteorites have been found here in MI, after a meteor flashed across the sky earlier this week. The Robert Ward Meteorites is operated by Ward while the Cosmic Connection Meteorites is owned by Atkins. A small fragment of a large comet or asteroid is known as a meteoroid.

'Two days ago, this was hundreds of thousands of miles past the moon, and now I'm standing here holding it in my hand. Ward further explained that in order to find the specimen, he incorporated the use of seismic data along with Doppler radar. When it enters Earth's climate it turns into a meteor, fireball or meteorite.

Ward evaluates he's gathered around 600 shooting stars from around the globe throughout the years. Astronomers from the Longway Planetarium have found three meteorites which shall be displayed in the planetarium on Friday.

NASA scientists say the 6-foot-wide (2 meters) meteor broke apart about 20 miles (32 kilometers) over the Metro-Detroit area with most of the fragments landing in Hamburg Township, but they could be scattered across Mid-Michigan.

The bits of shake that hit the ground are shooting stars, and are significant to authorities.

The United States Geological Survey said the equivalent of a 2.0-magnitude natural disaster struck the area at the same time. As soon as the news was out, enthusiastic meteor hunters from all over the places in the US gathered in Detroit to find that piece of meteorite after an explosion.

Darryl Pitt, a New York City resident and meteorite consultant to Christie's auction house, is offering $20,000 for a recovered fragment weighing at least 1 kilogram.

"I need to persuade more individuals to look", Pitt said.

'Meteorites are extraordinarily rare and the world is just coming to terms with how special they are'.