Trump and Republicans can't blame Democrats


"Even though President Trump seemed to like an outline of a deal in the room, he did not press his party in Congress to accept it". In other words, Trump shares a sizable chunk of the blame.

Pelosi also slammed congressional Republicans on Saturday as the government shutdown began. He's (ostensibly) in control of his party. The Democrats' negotiating stance is: Give us this amnesty, or we'll make the government shut down and blame you Republicans for it. Nobody wants a shutdown. "That is why we need more Republicans in 2018 election!" In light of yesterday's events, the president canceled a trip to his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida, where he had meant to have a party in celebration of the one-year marker.

Both sides felt betrayed, and Trump's flip-flops left Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell mystified to the point where he said earlier this week that he could not figure out Trump's position on the issue. They should not reward it even if it is true that the public will fall for the Democratic spin and Republicans will sustain some political damage.

The agreement reached at the cheeseburger summit was reportedly to pass a three or four-day temporary funding measure to allow negotiations on the deal to wrap up - at least, that's what Schumer thought the agreement was.

Cotton said it was good for congressional leaders and the president to get together to work toward a solution, adding that he hopes the government can avoid what Republicans are calling a "Schumer shutdown".

Trump also pushed back on his chief of staff's statements by suggesting he had not backed off the notion of a border wall covering most of the 2,000 miles along the U.S. -Mexico border. They were "funding gaps" that lasted a day or two. It included some money for a barrier on the border.

US government shutdown

White House officials insisted there was no urgency to fix DACA, which expires March 5.

Democrats, meanwhile, claim that Republicans refused to strike a deal even when they offered to consider some of Trump's immigration-related proposals in exchange for protecting the so-called Dreamers, immigrants brought to the US illegally as children. They say that this is all because the president is not trustworthy, and they don't know what kind of deal they could strike with other people here in the Capitol that the president will accept. Their base was already frustrated Democrats did not extract dreamer protections in a December spending deal.

A bill to fund the government in the coming weeks was unable to muster the requisite 60 votes by midnight on 20 January meaning that all services that do not protect "life or human property" will cease.

Members of each party blamed the other for the shutdown, but some of the blame landed on the president. The idea was floated of a very short-term extension, maybe just a few days, to keep the pressure on. Only five Democrats voted with Republicans to push a spending bill vote, and four Republicans sided with Democrats. The WH created this crisis & the GOP leaders in Congress refused to negotiate with Democrats.

The 16-day-long shutdown was the third-longest government shutdown in USA history, after the 18-day shutdown in 1978 and the 21-day 1995-96 shutdown. About 1600 employees, according to The Washington Post, ended up being furloughed.

The president, who made border security and immigration major tenets of his 2016 presidential campaign, said Democrats "could have easily made a deal, but chose to play shutdown politics instead".