First Fifteen: Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition


Thankfully, you don't have to be connected to the Internet to experience the bulk of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Firstly, the game has significantly improved since launch in terms of offline content. Extra Battle, on the other hand, makes use of the in-game currency earned by playing the game to give you a chance to win special costumes such as Captain Commando and Viewtiful Joe.

CGMagazine brings the fight to the streets once again in the newest version of Street Fighter V, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

You take on period-specific opponents (so no Juri in the Street Fighter III ladder, for instance) in a series of battles, trying to get a high score on the online leaderboards. It completely revamps the look and feel of the game.

Street Fighter 5's new arcade mode. It is a special mode that has been developed keeping the 30th anniversary of the franchise in mind.

Street Fighter: Arcade Edition's titular arcade mode feels like far more than just a welcome mat for casual players.

If you already purchased the base version of the game, you can download the Arcade Edition update for free, and enjoy all of its modes and goodies.

Arcade Edition's UI updates on full display. You'll also get different endings depending on the path you choose, so it's well worth making your way through all of the different paths within the Arcade Mode. They could have tossed out a bare-bones Arcade Mode and got away with it, but, to the publisher's credit, they went the extra mile.

What is Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition? They have their own gauge to fill next to the Critical Arts but they offer a more offensive/defensive advantage in battle. The double V-Triggers add an appreciated bit of player choice to a series that's always been rather rigid about how characters ought to be played. The expanded V-Triggers now make the characters more varied and interesting to use for newcomers and veterans alike.

Street Fighter 5 is a great game at its core, but now that core is surrounded by a healthy amount of content for every type of player.

It can take a while to master each character and thankfully there are helpful tutorials for this exact goal.

Should you buy Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition?

There are new trials introduced that give you some basic combo frameworks to utilise, and a built-in tool in the training mode that gives you a clear visual indicator of whether a move you are doing can be combo'd or whether it is safe or not, giving even less-skilled a players a simple aid in understanding the - whisper it - frame data that you hear all the top players talking about.

Well, after almost two years, Capcom may finally be delivering on their "Street Fighter for everyone" promise, serving up a new Arcade Mode, and a host of other features.

Ryu, who has not been exactly topping the charts in season 2, benefits from the "relaxed juggle points" in "Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition". I always appreciated the character art in this game, but it felt like the UI and game cohesiveness was lacking, especially when compared to the attractive, thick ink brush strokes seen all over Street Fighter 4.