New Overwatch skins teased ahead of tomorrow's cosmetics update


Thanks to its gameplay, timely updates, regular balance changes, and its cosmetic items, which are highly sought after.

More and more items are being revealed as the countdown continues, with many fans eager to get their hands on them.

Are you still playing Overwatch or have you moved on to other games?

Moreover, the developer will reportedly publicly share these new items to hype up its impending release.

A loot box is earned every time a player levels up and they can also be earned during seasonal events and by completing special challenges. In some cases, there may not even be another opportunity to unlock them, meaning that brand-new players today find themselves with many fewer options than long-time players. For those who want to see what has already been released and galleries of new items, you can check out this blog post by the Overwatch team. Now the company has been trickling out daily teases of some of the other new legendary skins headed for the game. Blizzard showed off D.Va's new skin on Twitter with a short clip showing the hero both in and out of her suit. The official Overwatch website encourages fans to anticipate more reveals in the next few days until the new update launches on January 23, 2018.

Whether it's Soldier: 76 slamming an enemy to the ground or Ana showing off her best action hero movie moves, the new highlight intros are a welcome addition to Overwatch's base loot boxes. And last but not least, there's the new Reaper skin. Diablo is likewise represented with Reinhardt as the Crusader, Zarya as the Barbarian, and Roadhog as the Butcher.

Blizzard Entertainment's approach appears to be a big tribute to several key franchises from the studio.