Charmed reboot ordered at the CW


If you're anything like us, you grew up watching the three Halliwell sisters of Charmed battling demons while simultaneously juggling their love lives, hobbies and carers.

According to The CW, "t$3 he fierce, funny, feminist reboot of the original series centers on three sisters in a college town who discover they are witches".

Wasn't the original series already inherently feminist? Meanwhile, "Jane the Virgin" writers Jessica O'Toole and Army Rardin are set to join Urman as executive producers in addition to writing the script. Brad Silberling, whose credits include "Jane the Virgin", "Dynasty", "No Tomorrow" and "Reign", will serve behind the lens.

So the Charmed reboot isn't for everyone.

Combs - who starred in the original series as the middle (and then eldest) sister - took to Twitter shortly after it was confirmed The CW had finally pulled the trigger on the long-talked about reboot pilot.

Combs in particular was vocal about it as she took to Instagram past year to declare that rumours of a revival were "just rumours" as she shared a nifty throwback snap to the show. The Charmed reboot was originally announced last year, but was changed to this year. The reboot will feature an all-new cast and will be set in the present day. Probably, but we understand that many people want the whole original cast.

Fans of the original series do not appear to be on board for the spin-off. The "Charmed" alum tweeted a simple yet gracious, "We wish them well. We were basically a reboot of Practical Magic in its own way, so they could redo it, but now it should just rest".