This Is Us - All of Your Jack Questions Answered After Super Bowl


They manage to make it back to Jack and Rebecca's room. "I think it's pretty easy to dive in if you want to", Fogelman says.

Self-conscious teen Kevin is still upset about the early end of his football career, and he takes it out on his dad on Super Bowl Sunday before he leaves for his girlfriend Sophie's house. It does also explain why Kate blames herself: Had he not gone back in for the dog, he probably would not have met the same end. He covers her with a towel, but there is no way for them to escape.

Jack gets through on the roof, making Randall to go down first by the sheet, then Kate. This is definitely the last time Rebecca sees Jack alive. He wasn't though. Jack went to the hospital after miraculously surviving an inferno, only to be told he'd endured severe repercussions. He vows to get her out. The kids are understandably bummed about the house. It is the 20th anniversary and he says he will let her be, commenting on the lovely song saying he doesn't know it. Rebecca is completely stunned and can't believe what she's hearing. He tells her that Jack went into cardiac arrest. He knew she wanted to make it into a music program at college. The kids are teenagers and watch their father be a hero. "The country's divided, and sometimes, that can make it tough to find common ground". There are scenes in the present - Russell (Sterling K. Brown) hosts a Super Bowl party - and scenes in the past - Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) comforts his children individually.

"Kate is self-examining, Randall is, in his own way, celebrating his father and Kevin (considers) his history with his father", he added. They both acknowledge that they forgot, but they're all OK.

It's the only video she has of her dad. It's a sweet moment, as Jack, obviously happy for his son, congratulates him and asks him if he was a gentlemen (of course, he is).

The phone rings and Beth go to answer it in the kitchen, but when she hangs up, she hears a crunch under her shoes and realizes she just did the unthinkable. Jack had suffered smoke inhalation, but that seemed to be the only thing that he was only suffering from. He does have soot in his airways, but the doctor is impressed at how well he is doing given how long he was in the house.