Budget 2018: MS Swaminathan hails MSP hike


Last year, Prime Minister Bharatiya Janata Party won the but lost its footing among the state's rural population. This was in a state where the BJP had won all 25 parliamentary seats in the 2014 national election after a huge 163-21 defeat of Congress in December 2013 state polls.

After the scheme's announcement, while the government is being applauded by industry experts and common people to propose such a scheme, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley during an event organised by Open Magazine said, "It takes care of hospitalisation, the secondary and tertiary care". At the top of the populist menu is an ambitious National Health Protection Scheme, promptly dubbed "Modicare" by skeptics, that aims to provide health insurance of up to 500,000 rupees ($7,800) annually to 100 million poor families.

Jaitley: People are coming up with suggestions. Budget 2018 Gold policy: Spot exchange on cards, GMS to be revamped After over two years of discussion, the government has finally recognised the need for a comprehensive gold policy. The second half of previous year saw a radical reworking of the items within the four-slab GST structure by the supremely federal institution of the GST Council, whereby all but 50 of over 1,200 items remained in the highest 28 per cent bracket.

"Four years gone, fancy schemes with no matching budgets, four years gone, no jobs for our youth", Gandhi said in a Twitter post.

"Job creation will come only out of new investments and by promoting private investments".

Indian government yesterday announced massive spending for rural areas and projected economic growth above 8 per cent in an annual budget yesterday that won broad approval from economists, though bond and share markets fell.

The Minister announced import duties will jump to 20%, up from 15% previously. This will include 6 trillion rupees on infrastructure and a rise of 7.8% to 3 trillion rupees on defense.

The deficit has been contained by adroit financial window-dressing. Several governments, around the globe, including our own state governments, are exploring current and future blockchain applications.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley speaks at the FICCI National Executive Committee Meeting at FICCI in New Delhi on Monday. Many Android OEMs, including Gionee, Xiaomi, Samsung, LG, Micromax, and LAVA International, have already established bases in different parts of the country and more OEMs are expected to shift or start new manufacturing bases here.

Clearly eyeing the rural vote in the Gangetic heartland, Jaitley kept breaking into labored Hindi in his speech, insisting that reforms had been implemented "without weighing the political costs".

Rs 21.57 lakh crore transferred in the form of net GST against the predicted Rs 21.47 lakh.

To top it, Modi is under pressure to deliver on his 2016 promise to double farmers' incomes by 2022. This is for projects such as the building of roads and millions of homes for the poor, and the conversion of 22,000 rural markets to allow farmers to sell their produce directly to consumers.

But Mr Modi has also increased taxes on agriculture inputs like pesticides, he noted. Basu said tightening liquidity in major economies would result in a drop in portfolio capital flows of between $55 billion and $70 billion over the next two years to emerging economies.

"Some said that we, as a country, are incapable of taking decisions", Jaitley said, referring to the woes the Modi government had inherited from the UPA II dispensation. One dampener for industry is the hike in basic customs duty on certain electronic equipment including LCD/LED/OLED screens, which would make TVs more expensive. Modi said that the Indian farmers have contributed in a big way towards the country's progress. "It was no surprise to us that they relaxed the deficit targets.".