Rain postpones indoor National Basketball Association game


Jefferson has seen some playing time in the last couple of games (a combined 30 minutes), likely putting him on display for teams to see he can still play despite this being his 14th season in the league.

"The Pelicans thank all of our fans for your support and appreciate your patience in this matter".

It wasn't a loss.

The scheduled game between the Indiana Pacers and the New Orleans Pelicans was postponed Wednesday night due to concerns about a wet floor inside the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans. "SMG officials worked diligently to address the matter, but the National Basketball Association determined to postpone the game out of an abundance of caution for players' safety". Rain water had fallen through the leak and formed a puddle near one of the foul lines and while employees were able to fashion a catch basin to stop the water from dripping on the court both teams agreed they didn't want to risk injury.

The NBA has not yet announced when the game will be made up.

The Pelicans neither own nor operate the Smoothie King Center, but team executives were gathered for the majority of the delay trying to unpack the various logistics involved with postponement.

Facility General Manager Alan Freeman said, "the leak caught us totally by surprise". "It's just unfortunate the decision took so long to make".