Horgan: new markets for wine in Asia and the US


We are going to be seeking new markets to replace any lost market we may have in Alberta, said Horgan.

The task force members include former New Brunswick premier Frank McKenna, former deputy prime minister Anne McLellan, former Syncrude Canada president Jim Carter and legal scholar Peter Hogg. Now Kinder Morgan, the operator of the pipeline, has revealed it has no intention to go gently into the good night of B.C.'s opposition. This prompted the head of the national association of oil producers to call on the federal government to step in and resolve the situation, begging provincial governments to stop politicizing the issue.

"Ottawa needs to say clearly and unequivocally that B.C.'s actions won't stand". The province has also said it won't negotiate to import B.C. electricity.

"No one wants it and it could end tomorrow, but as long as B.C. continues, Alberta will fight for jobs in Alberta and speak up for a Canada that works."
But on January 30, B.C. said it planned to ban increased shipments of diluted bitumen off its coast until the province can better understand the ability to mitigate spills.

Here are some other things that Albertans and people from around the world enjoy: Our lovely coastline, surfing, hiking, fishing, admiring our whales and strolling on oil-free beaches, just to name a few. In fact, things grew into a partial trade war, after Alberta retaliated for the new rules by suspending imports of B.C. wine.

The task force is the latest salvo in Alberta's increasingly militant response to a call last week by the B.C. government for more consultations on oil spill readiness and a limit on increased diluted bitumen shipments until it's confident in response measures.