Disney ticket prices in Orlando are on the rise


Disney ticket prices aren't the only thing going up - the number of people visiting the theme parks is also on the rise.

Ticket prices are going up at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, but the increase shouldn't come as a surprise. That's a $4 increase over a year ago. The price of a ticket on peak demand days is $135, up from $124.

Among the changes: A one-day regular Magic Kingdom ticket purchased at the gate will cost $119, a $4 increase while cost of a peak ticket increased $5 to $129. That's a $2 bump over a year ago. "Regular" times for adults will be $114 for adults and $108 for children, and "peak" tickets jump to $122 and $116, respectively for adults and children.

At Disneyland, "regular", one-day, one-park tickets will be $117, a $7 increase. That's a $7 rise over a year ago. The value ticket will still cost $97.

We have been telling you for a couple of weeks now - if it's February, it must be time for Disney's annual ticket price increases. For non-Florida residents, a platinum pass went from $779 to $849.

In October 2015, Disney introduced flexible pricing at USA parks as an incentive for guests to visit during less busy times. You pay more when the park expects bigger crowds because Disney is trying to steer you toward less-busy days to even its crowds through the year. Theoretically, this program would prevent the parks from becoming overcrowded during the busiest seasons.

Disney also says it will extend its pre-published, date-specific pricing to multiday tickets at Walt Disney World.