Openly gay Florida teacher fired after posting wedding pictures on Facebook


The school says Morffi broke the terms of her contract.

The firing of the much-loved teacher came less than a week after she posted pictures of her wedding to her girlfriend and the "love of her life" on Facebook, ABC 10 News reports.

A number of parents have rallied in support of a popular year-one teacher who was sacked shortly after she posted pictures of her wedding on social media. "They treated her like a criminal, they didnt even let her get her things out of her classroom", said Cintia Cini, parent of one of the children in Morffis class. Cini said that the parents hadnt known Morffi was gay, but did not care about her sexual orientation. Peter and Paul Catholic School in Miami, was terminated from her job the day after she married her partner, Natasha Hass (r.), in the Florida Keys on February 8, 2018. "In their eyes, I'm not the right kind of Catholic for my choice of partner". However, a few days later, she said that decision resulted in her being terminated from her position as a first grade teacher at Sts.

The school informed parents of their decision in a letter but did not cite a reason for letting Morffi go.

Archbishop Thomas Wenski released a memo, following Florida's lift on same sex marriage in 2015, that placed emphasis on the city's policy. Any conduct "inconsistent" with that could result in disciplinary action, including termination.

'You know, to be a Catholic, you're taught to be forgiving.

There is no federal law in the USA protecting LGBT people from discrimination, as Republicans have for decades blocked attempts to make sexual orientation and gender identity characteristics covered by civil rights laws.

'I think it's shocking that in this day and age this continues to happen in South Florida, ' said Tony Lima, executive director of the South Florida LGBT rights group SAVE.

7News tried to reach out to Ms. Morffi to see if she would fight the termination, but she has not yet responded to our request for comment. "But if you're gay, forget about it", said Cynthia Cini, the mother of a student. "When youre working for a business, as in this case, a Catholic owned school, you have to play by their rules". One parent even considered withdrawing her child from the school in light of recent developments, the Miami Herald reported.

"We were completely outraged, all of the parents", said Samantha Mills, whose child was in Morffis class past year. She never imposes her personal beliefs on others.

"What she does at home, that's none of our concern", said Ricardo Oviedo, another parent of a child in Morffi's class. "She married her love who she wants to spend the rest of her life with, It should have nothing to do with her teaching skills".

"This is really bad", said Valentina Simon. 'It can't be that in 2018. they still do this type of thing'.