SpaceX denies report of Air Force blowing up its floating Falcon 9


Speaking to technology news site Ars Technica Musk, a computer scientist by trade, explained just why the SpaceX rocket with 27 engines, would not suffer the fate of the 30 engine N-1.

While some critics have questioned the value of hitching a auto to the world's most powerful rocket, the now-iconic images speak for themselves. "I'm still trying to absorb everything that happened because it seemed surreal to me", Musk said in a statement.

The team cleared several vessels from the launch hazard area in the hours leading up to the successful launch of Falcon Heavy and landing of two boosters at SpaceX's Landing Zone One on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket now in use, on February 6, 2018 from Cape Canaveral as hundreds of thousands of people gathered from around the world to witness a part of history. Two of the three first-stage boosters flew back for side-by-side landings; the third was lost at sea.

But Musk was more interested in talking about what SpaceX will build next.

SpaceX - and the space community in general - is notoriously loose with deadlines. It ended up taking almost seven.

The company is developing a spacecraft that can fly humans - a first for the company - into orbit.

Compensation for Musk, 46, will be based on a new 10-year performance stock award that could give him billions worth of company shares, or nothing at all if the company fails to meet its targets. Reporting the event, The Washington Post noted in an article that a plenty of people gathered at the venue to watch the launch where the rocket sent up a mountain-sized plume of smoke and a rattling roar across Florida's Space Coast.

Rocket recycling is the key to SpaceX's launch cost-cutting strategy.

Musk said the rocket - which is more than twice as powerful as any other rocket on the market - is ready to launch whatever SpaceX clients can dream up.

In the meantime, with the Heavy demo out of the way, Musk said SpaceX is putting its commercial crew effort for NASA front and center. The design of Falcon Heavy is meant to carry large payloads into Earth's orbit; however, the powerful machine can even carry a "Dragon Spacecraft". The best thing about Falcon Heavy is that it is cost effective as compared to any other payload carrier. Two of the three boosters made it back to Earth and landed simultaneously, in a technological ballet so lovely that many conspiracy theorists said it could not be real.

"I think it looks so ridiculous and impossible".